I believe that "creating a cake" is an Art 
                                         My cakes are created for you and only for you...

My cakes are all created in fondant because I think they look great, they are strong and stable design a custom cake
It is a myth that the taste of fondant depreciates a cake, as nowadays fondants come in flavors like vanilla, chocolate, buttercream or Marshmallow.
Between the cake and the fondant, you will find an abundant and delicious chocolate ganache layer with which I assure your cake will be unique.

If you think you save money by covering your cake with buttercream you're right, but will only be about 10 or 20 dollars
as my buttercream is homemade and extremely fresh. 

I do not recommend buttercream for the summer season as it won't offer a stable cover for the cake.

My prices start at $4.00 per serving of fondant covered cake and the price will go up depending on design.
All characters like flowers, animal models, etc are handmade and require many, many hours to prepare. 
Plastic, toys, etc are not used in my cakes... I made ALL decorations myself. 
Because of that, the most expensive part of my cakes is the time invested into each character.

Custom Cakes are all priced individually based on the number of servings, design, materials, and detail level.

Sweet-Heaven gives your First Anniversary Cake when your order is over $500

Filling out the quote form on my website is the fastest and easiest way for me to provide accurate pricing. 

I strive to quote all cakes within 24 hours of receiving a quote request.