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Consulting and Tasting

" Every time I show my pictures and the cake, I tell them
about you and how perfect the cake looked and fabulous it tasted!" 

** Please keep your tasting to 2 people maximum in attendance **
We will then briefly discuss some of the main elements and design aspects you would like to see in your cake via email

Cake Tasting
Our tasting are by appointment only and are only for orders of $250 or more. 
There is a consultation fee of $20 that includes three flavors of your choice. Additional flavors are $5 for 2 servings of each. This price include 1/2 hour consultation.

This amount will be collected at the appointment unless the cake is booked, and deducted from the final balance
 if booking later occurs.

Can we discuss my design at the same time as the tasting?
Yes, I am happy to discuss your ideas for the cake.
Please bring any and all inspirational photos and items (invitation, jewelry, patterns, etc) along with you. We will then narrow down your design to perfectly fit your special day 

Your Exclusive Design
Once the cake has been booked, I am happy to move forward with the full design process.
Within two weeks of the consultation, Sweet-Heaven will send you a digital sketch [unless previously determined unnecessary]