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Consulting and Tasting

" Every time I show my pictures and the cake, I tell them about you and how perfect the cake looked and fabulous it tasted!" 

** Please keep your tasting to 2 people maximum in attendance **

Consulting without Tasting

We will then briefly discuss some of the main elements and design aspects you would like to see
 in your cake via email.


Cake Tasting 
Is there a fee for the tasting?

Yes. Is a small fee to secure your visit on my calendar.
 If you choose to move forward with my services
 it will be applied to your order. 

Please keep in mind that cake samples are prepared specifically for you. I ask for the courtesy of 48 hours notice if your appointment needs to be rescheduled. Cancellations without the appropriate notice will be subject to an additional fee in order to rebook the appointment.

My tastings include 4 of my flavors 

  One hour of consultation and available by appointment 
for up to 2 people. 
(Extra $5 for each additional people)

Cancel your appointment
If you need to cancel your appointment for any reason,
 we require written notice.
You may cancel a cake tasting appointment without being charged as late as 1 week prior to your appointment date. 

Can we discuss my design at the same time as the tasting?
Yes, I am happy to discuss your ideas for the cake.
Please bring any and all inspirational photos and items (invitation, jewelry, patterns, etc) along with you. We will then narrow down your design to perfectly fit your special day 

Your Exclusive Design
Once the cake has been booked, I am happy to move forward with the full design process.
Within two weeks of the consultation, Sweet-Heaven will send you a digital sketch [unless previously determined unnecessary]