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Consulting and Tasting

" Every time I show my pictures and the cake, I tell them
about you and how perfect the cake looked and fabulous it tasted!" 

Request a tasting

** Please keep your tasting to 2 people maximum in attendance **

When you come in for your consultation you will be presented with a complimentary assortment 
of our most popular flavors to sample.
If your want a specific flavor or filing, a charge  of $20  need to be paid before your appointment date

Consultation Cake

Your private consultation is in my home. 
We will  discuss your ideas, expectations, and needed servings.  

There are several important things I need to know 
in your  consultation cake:

Your Event/Wedding Date
Your Reception Time (when the first guest will arrive at the site) 
Approximate Number of Guests you are inviting.

Generally I offer no consultations on Fridays and Saturdays 
because these are the days that I'm busier, 
but we can always arrange a time if not possible at another time ....

Your consult on these day will be  the most important and will last approximately one hour. 

If you got photos, drawings, or better yet selected your dress 
and ... Excellent !!! ... work on that
 and if you have no idea what  do you want  not worry, together will be find  the right thing for your special day

Hours of delivery of pick up
Tue-Fri 9am to 6pm, Sat 9 am to 1 pm