My cakes are created for you and only for you... I believe that "creating a cake" is an Art 

Because each cake is a custom design for your special event or occasion, it is impossible to have set prices. 
A minimum custom cake order is $75 for simple cake and $130 for Tiered cake

My prices start at $4.00 per serving and the price will go up depending on design.
A good way to estimate price for your cake, is multiply how many serving you need by $4.00

3D Sculpture and Architectural Cakes 
** Price start at $250 **

Filling out the quote form on my website is the fastest and easiest way for me to provide accurate pricing. 
I strive to quote all cakes within 24 hours of receiving a quote request.


Email me to request a price or Complete Request a Quote

A signed agreement will be required