All cakes are freshly baked, custom made, handcrafted edible works of art. 
Pricing is based on the complexity of your cake design and the number of servings. All design are custom. 
There is a minimum order of $75

 These are my most ordered cake sizes and typically what most customers order for birthday parties and other small gatherings. 
Please note that other cake sizes are available. Please also note that intricate design details such as piping and hand crafted sugar flowers will increase the price of your cake. 
Not are included : Cake Topper, Plaques, Monograms, Candles, etc. Please write me a message about this if you want include it.

 25 Servings
6 inch + 8 inch Round


2 Tiers
Custom Design
1-2 Cake Flavors
30 Servings 
4 inch + 6 inch + 8 inch Round


2-3 Tiers
Custom Design
up 2 Cake Flavors
50 Servings
6 inch + 8 inch + 10 inch Round


3 Tiers
Custom Design
Up 3 Cake Flavors
80 Servings


Up 4 tiers
Custom Design
 Up 4 Cake Flavors
Sheet Cakes

start at $1.75 per serving 

 We can adjust any design at your budget but keep in mind our minimum order amount. Other options for you can be find under FabuCakes 
A 50% non-refundable retainer is required to hold date.  All orders need to be paid in full within two weeks of due/delivery date to confirm order.  


 If you are interested in my services, please fill out the form Request a Quote