Below are some flavor, but I will be more than happy to accommodate any request
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Almond * Banana * Butter * Carrot * Chocolate * Lemon * Marble * Moka * Pineapple * Pink Champagne * Piña Colada * Red Velvet * Strawberry * Vanilla * White

Bavarian Cream  * Cream Cheese * Dark Ganache * Dulce de Leche * Pastry Cream * Pineapple Custard * Raspberry Ganache * Raspberry Jam * Swiss Meringue Buttercream flavored : Apricot * Blueberry * Caramel * Raspberry * Vanilla * White Chocolate;  * White Ganache

Rich your fillings with 
Almonds * Grated Chocolate * Meringue * Nuts * Peaches * Shredded Coconut * Strawberries

Cover for your cake
  Homemade Buttercream * Fondant * Ganache

I use My Homemade Fondant (Marshmallow Fondant)
; Satin Ice and Fondax to cover and decorations 

Ganache between Cake and Fondant
My Fondant cakes are decorated with the Australian method:
there is a thick layer of Dark or White Chocolate Ganache 
under thick layer of fondant.

Buttercream can be used instead Ganache depending of the cake flavor