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 Flavor details
* Please note that depending on the design of your cake ( 3 D or not) it will determine what kind of  flavors work best with the design.


** Gluten Free are Available in Chocolate and Vanilla **

Almond Sour Cream, Amaretto, Argentina, Carrot Coconut, Chocolate Old Fashion, 
Dulce de Leche, Italian Creme, Lemon Cloud, Marble,Pink Champagne,
Pink LemonadeRainbowlicious, Red Velvet, Rustic Orange, Vanilla, Tiramisu, 
Tender White, Truffle

Swiss Meringue Buttercream: chocolate, vanilla, blueberry, blackberry, passion fruit.
Chocolate Ganache: dark, coffee, Cointreau, rum
Others: Dulce de Leche, Cream Cheese, PInk Champagne, Coffee Cream

My Fondant cakes are decorated with the Australian method:
there is a thick layer of Dark or White Chocolate Ganache 
under thick layer of fondant.

Buttercream can be used instead Ganache depending of the cake flavor
but in Summer Season I high recommend Ganache