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Cupcake Tower and Cakes Stand are available for use when accompanying a order from Sweet-Heaven.
 I provide the Tower or Stand as a courtesy to my customer's however I request a refundable cash deposit  for use in case of non-return or damage.  

Cake stands may also be rented for your use when you or someone else is making the cake.  
A rental fee and the refundable cash deposit will apply. Please fill out the Rent Form here.

 6 Tier Acrylic 18" Cupcake Holder
connecting tubes are made of clear seethru acrylic, which allows you to fill them with Silk Flowers, special lighting, or any colorful items to match your theme

Your guests will surely be awed by the display stand presentation and be merry once they’ve had their cake.

Here's what is included:
1 x 18" Round Plate
1 x 16" Round Plate
1 x 14" Round Plate
1 x 12" Round Plate
1 x 10" Round Plate
1 x 8" Round Plate
5 x 6" tall tubing

cupcake holder:
5 tier: 30-35
6 tier normal: 50-60
6 tier Lrg with 16" plate: 75-85
6 tier XL with 18"plate : 100 - 105
Please note these are approx figures, there are not specific spacing on the stand, so how many can fit depends on the size of the cupcakes, how it's spaced out, and whether if it's suitable to use all tiers under certain wind conditions.
Rental $15
Deposit $80 

Silver Plated Wedding Cake Plateau
** handcrafted **

19.5" (18" top diameter)

top 18” wide 
4” tall (including feet)
3.25" tall (excluding the feet) 
base 22.25” wide

Rental $20 
Deposit $100
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