Sweet-Heaven is a bakery specializing in Custom CakesCupcakes and Cookies    

Before making an inquiry please read carefully

Q: Can I buy something and get it the same day??? 
A: No. Because I only made custom orders 
Step 1
Check my Availability
I can accept a certain amount of orders per day.

Step 2
Doing Your Request
Please complete the Form Request or send me one email with
your idea, qty of guest and event date.
After that, I can design your request an send you an estimate.

Step 3
Read the information about
Deposit, Payment and Cancellations

Once we agreed on the design, flavor, filling, and you pay your deposit,
 your order will enter our schedule. From that moment we started working 
with your order, colors, designs, modeled, ribbons that match the color and style of it, fondant, etc. begin to be prepared only for custom order.

Date Change
We can only change the date of your order if the new day is available to us.

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